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6 months ago


Alright everyone we now have a solid release date for factions. Prison will come after and there is going to be a vote for a 3rd server after prison has been released.


Release will be June 20th 2022. Yes this is a lot later then when i wanted it to happen but we have a release date. It gives me a couple weeeks in summer when i dont have school to finalize the server.


The hub server is now open for anyone to mess around on.


Thank you all for sticking around until the release of this server and i am sure that this server will not disappoint.

9 months ago
Dangerous Page Warning

To all that are asking yes I am aware of chrome saying it's a dangerous page. please disregard this warning and we will try to have this issue fixed as soon as possible

Due to our domain registrar taking our domain back we had to swap to which has caused a pile of problems for our team to take care of